And Now For Something Completely Unrelated by Pokemon Fun and Craziness
July 26th, 2018, 5:10 pm

These are Trainer Cards for every single one of my Pokemon games, except for three. Leafgreen was reset long ago by my older brother (I might have stolen it from him), and all I can remember is my Blastoise and Zapdos. Sapphire has been reset for the millionth time (seriously, I've reset it way too much) and I haven't even bothered to beat the first gym. Gold was put aside since I got Crystal, and I haven't gotten very far in it. So let's start with the earliest game that I got that hasn't been reset.

Also, RED stars represented Pokemon that were obtained through trade, BLUE stars represent starters, and GREEN stars represent those obtained in eggs traded to me by my helpful older brother.


- Sticky Pad the Sceptile
- Vera the Magcarco
- Neu Aggron
- Ranger the Lanturn
- Screecher the Exploud
- Moonlight the Xatu

- Star the Staraptor
- Ripples the (pink) Gastrodon
- Bright the Mothim
- Overbite the Garchomp
- Razor the Weavile
- Charm the Medicham

- Taese the Torterra
- Buddy the Roserade
- Kobem the Togekiss
- Ukelele the Pikachu
- Slingpong the Quagsire
- Egg (a Riolu)
(RIP Norisan the Crobat, who saved the team with his sacrifice)

Soul Silver:
- Mew (DJ)
- Charizard (Jubei)
- Suicune (Henry)
- Torterra (Jason)
- Gengar (Henry)
- Giratina (Jason)

- Jirachi (SMR2010)
- Volcarona
- Cresselia (Riolu)
- Japanese name the Glaceon (Japanese name)
- Empoleon the Uxie
- Prinplup the Azelf

White 2:
- Air the Serperior
- Irregular the Krookodile
- Meni the Venipede
- Nowl the Swanna
- Oloem the Sawsbuck
- Steal the Cobalion

- Terabyte the Jolteon
- Kitten the Meowstic
- Luna the Vivillon
- Ninja the Greninja
- Peace the Aurorus
- Benevolence the Dragonite

Alpha Sapphire:
- Light Year the Manetric
- Skip the Swampert
- Ranger the Flygon
- Volcano the Camerupt
- Fruit Tree the Tropius
- Mega the Gallade

- Sealena the Primarina
- Tank the Mudsdale
- Hibiscus the Comfey
- Cyanide the (male because I messed up) Salandit
- Kunco-o the Kommo-o
- Powder Puff the Alolan Sandslash

Ultra Sun:
- Ace the Decidueye
- Lil' Buzz the Ribombee
- Harvest the (shiny) Mudsdale
- Solaria the Dusk Form Lycanroc
- Noinoi the Noivern (Kihei)
- Bloodlust the (severely underleveled since the game is terrible and I don't play it)Toxapex

- Sparry the (originally intended to be Sparky) Pikachu
- Cittifly the Butterfree
- Sandy the Sandslash
- Micro the Mew (acting as a Ditto)
- Naw-Naw the Raticate
- Skull the (temporary teammate) Cubone

- Ice Fang the Feraligatr
- Maple the Weepinbell (stupid Leaf Stone)
- Top Hat the Ariados
- Bloodhound the Piloswine
- Nails the Donphan
- Chainmail the Skarmory


Now for some sort snippets:

- In Pearl, Charm was a last-minute addition caught at victory road.
- In Pearl, I decided to ditch my starter (Piplup) after catching a Starly
- In Platnium, there has been many deaths, none more soul-crushing than Norisan's. He was constantly being switched in to take hits to protect the others, and perished saving Taese from certain death. He is missed.
- In Soul Silver, the game was actually preowned, but I did reset it. ... After trading nearly every Pokemon to a different game and then trading them back.
- In Soul Silver, I somehow have my Blastoise and Zapdos from Leafgreen, despite my memory saying that Leafgreen was reset before I even got Soul Silver. (I know they're mine because the OT is Amanda, which is the name I had chosen).
- In White, I finally discovered GTS. I have another Jirachi, a Shaymin, a Manaphy, and a Squirtle that knows Fly.
- In X, this team comes from me restarting the game. My original team had Blaziken, Greninja, Blastoise, Talonflame, Lucario, and Mewtwo. You can see why I restarted it (after trading them to Alpha Sapphire).
- In Alpha Sapphire, Light Year was the only ever intended Pokemon to Mega-Evolve on the team. He is the only one to hold a Mega Stone.
- In Moon, I made it to the League with only 4 Pokemon, and went back to get Kommo-o, and grabbed Alolan Sandshrew in Victory Road.
- In Ultra Sun, I haven't beaten the final island challenge because the game is awful and I don't care any more.
- In Ultra Sun, Mudsdale was not going to be used BUT THEN IT WAS A SHINY
- In Yellow, Pikachu's original name was going to be Sparky, but I misspelled it as Spary. I reset the game (I accidentally screwed up getting Mew and my brother wasn't willing to temporarily trade me his) and named my Pikachu Sparry on purpose.
- In Yellow, I intend to have a Cloyster instead of Skull on my team.
- In Crystal, Bloodhound, Nails, and Chainmail were all caught within the same hour.