A Summary of my AS Monocolor Run by Pokemon Fun and Craziness
August 23rd, 2018, 1:20 pm

Just finished up a quick little monocolor run of Alpha Sapphire. In case that doesn't make sense for you, it means that I only used Pokemon that are a specific color throughout their evolution. (Example: for a green monocolor run, Treeko and Lotad could be used since they both have parts that are green throughout their evolutions.)

I did a yellow monocolor run, starting by picking a Torchic nicknamed Banana. I grabbed a few Pokemon: Wurmple, Lotad, Surskit, and Taillow. Then I picked up my second team member, a Wingull nicknamed Pineapple. In Rustboro, I caught a Whismur and a Skitty. In Dewford, I caught a Makuhita nicknamed Mustard for the sake of HMs in the future. In Slateport, I caught an Electrike nicknamed Honey.

For a while, that was it. I caught a Numel, but boxed it away. It wasn't until I decided to revive my fossil into Lileep nicknamed Cornflower that I gained a new team member. After Fortree, I immediately caught and evolved a Feebas nicknamed Buttermilk.

And that was my team. Blazekin, Pelipper, Manetric, Cradily, Milotic, and my HM- user Hariyama. Once I reached the league, I deleted all of Mustard's useless HM moves and taught them real moves.

I was going to do a Nuzlocke, but decided to just do a normal run first. Maybe I'll do a monocolor Nuzlocke another day.